New courses starting soon!

LindyHop will be starting on Tuesday March 14th, Balboa will start on Thursday March 16th.
All courses consist of 8 classes.
You can register here (in Dutch)!

Classes will take place when enough participants join in.


20:00 - 21:00 Frankies moves, beginners - intermediate.
21:15 - 22:15 Frankies moves absolute beginners.


20:00 - 21:00 Balboa variations, beginner and up.
21:15 - 22:00 Balboa basics, all levels.


Frankies, Tussen de Bogen 67, Amsterdam


8 classes of one hour are 60,00 euro per person.
Two classes in the same period are 90,00 euro per person.
Three classes in the same period are 120,00 euro per person.
Incidental class: 10 euro per person.

Rates for privates and workshops on request.


Comfortable clothing like jeans and a casual shirt. Comfy shoes that don't slip from your feet, no slippers or sandals. In Balboa we slide a lot, so shoes with a smooth leather of suede sole are preferred. For LindyHop sportshoes are more preferred, not so much sliding going on here.


Besides courses, we will organise Playgrounds and Social dances.
Playgrounds are meant to practice together, helping each other.
Socials are meant to just dance, but ofcourse a bit of practice is not forbidden!

General info are Monique Gerrets and Michel Hendriksen, Dutch "old school" swing dancers who learned their first steps from the original 30s swing dancers like the legendary Frankie Manning and Normal Miller. At this moment we teach Balboa classes in Amsterdam. There are no regular Charleston and Lindyhop classes now, but on request we teach privates and workshops in these dances too.

Although not obligatory to sign up for a class with a partner, we encourage to do so. With a partner your place in a class is 100% guarentueed, without it might be that we have to put you on a waiting list if there is an unbalance between followers and leads. Many of our students sign up without a partner though, and found new friends in Amsterdam on the dancefloor. Besides that swing dancing is a great way to get in shape or to keep yourself fit. So if you are looking for a new challenge that makes you feel happy, gets you in shape and broaden your social network, you found the right place here! Come and join us and become part of the Balboa dance family.